September 20, 2017

Killington’s bear problem is getting out of hand

Dear Editor,

Killington has an overabundance of bears this year — actually every year as I see it — but it’s getting worse and worse. Can we do something about it? Do we have to wait for someone or their pet to get mauled or killed? We see them in the dumpsters all summer long, even in the winter, and they shouldn’t even be out in the winter. Tuesday, a black bear literally got inside of my truck to eat a piece of fruit that was sitting in there. The big ones are now teaching the young ones how to eat from human food scraps, instead of foraging like they should be. They are now coming right outside of our windows, sniffing the air inside. I don’t even want to go out in the dark without a weapon. Please, be responsible with food scraps and dumpsters.

Dan Madden, Killington

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