June 30, 2016

Killington Select Board faux pas

Dear Editor,

At the Killington select board meeting, Tuesday, June 21, Ms. Kathryn Bellis whose husband was killed in an accident involving Craig Mosher’s bull July 31, 2015, was allowed to speak at the meeting during citizens input. What she said was for the most part a direct quote, from the letter that appeared in the The Mountain Times and Rutland Herald.

After the meeting concluded, I approached the Chairwoman and asked why Ms. Bellis was allowed to read her speech, which was included in the minutes of the meeting.

Her reply was that Ms. Bellis was a resident of Killington and allowed to speak during citizens input.

But, upon checking with the town office I learned that the Bellis family are NOT residents of Killington, Rutland County or the state of Vermont. When the select board allowed that speech to be read at the meeting, it gives the appearance that our town leaders may have served to promote Ms Bellis’ agenda to prosecute Craig Mosher. Not only that, I learned that Ms. Bellis has written letters to several of our towns employees promoting her case against Craig.

While we all feel sympathy for Ms Bellis’ loss of her husband, I would think it would be in the towns best interests to have our select board tend to our towns business, and leave what would be a legal matter to those who are qualified and involved.

Richard Kropp, Killington

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