July 26, 2017

Killington lack of services unwelcoming

Dear Editor,

Does Vermont really welcome tourists? We happened to visit Killington recently and as we passed through Killington we decided to stop at a local general store for snacks and we both needed to use the restroom. Guess what? The store had a rest room for employees only and I was told to use the bushes in the back and was offered no solution for my 70-year-old wife. My point is they definitely are willing to take our money but not really tourist friendly.

Don Ayotte, Orlando, Fla.

One comment on “Killington lack of services unwelcoming”

  1. Don Ay says:

    Thank you for publishing my letter.

    Just an added note. When I challenged the store owner on this I found him really indignant and abrasive as he said “it’s not the law and I don’t really care.” Oh just a not he really had a nice water wheel in front of his general store…nice work to attract business.

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