March 12, 2015

Haff: candidacy brought deficit into focus

Dear Editor,

By now you should already know the outcome of the vote: 176-153 in favor of Chris Bianchi.

I’m glad I ran for office and happy I spent the time and effort putting together the data from the town report about the Town of Killington having a deficit.

The independent auditor did come out to the information meeting Monday night and stated that the town does have a deficit and will need to make a choice on how to address it this next cycle. This statement alone from the auditor made my running for office worthwhile. The Board will need to address it, which is a whole different position from just last week when they were claiming the town did not have a deficit and that my data was inaccurate.

I would like to thank all for coming out and voting.


Jim Haff, Killington

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