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May 2, 2018

Good weather for ducks (and geese)

Good weather for ducks (and geese)

By Julia Purdy

PITTSFORD—Otter Creek overtopped its banks after days of continuous rain, flooding low-lying roads and fields in Pittsford near Gorham Bridge and at Depot Hill. The popular shortcut from Pittsford to Proctor was closed to traffic, although some couldn’t resist the fun of plowing through foot-deep ponds on the road, despite warns not to do so. People are advised not to drive through water if the road surface is not visible, as it was not in several places. Most of the south end of Elm Street approaching Gorham Bridge was under water. Flooding on the 100-mile Otter Creek is an annual occurrence.

Photo by Julia Purdy
Otter Creek flows over the road at Gorham Bridge, in Pittsford.

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