September 14, 2016

GMT hosts two rides Sunday

PITTSFIELD—The Green Mountain Trails (GMT) will host two mountain bike races this Sunday: GMT Gnarly Adventure and the 6-hour Challenge. Both races take place on Sunday, Sept. 18, on the Green Mountain Trails in Pittsfield and include a barbecue free for registered racers ($15 for guests). Registration includes a t-shirt for competitors and awards for the top three men and women in each race.
The 6-hour challenge starts at 9 a.m.; the Gnarly Ride starts at 9:30 a.m.
What are the rides all about? Put simply, organizers have come up with two ways for riders to challenge themselves and experience the Green Mountain Trails. Those who choose the 6-hour Challenge will see how many times they can complete a marked loop within a 6-hour time limit. Those who choose the Gnarly Adventure will ride to a series of points on the Green Mountain Trails, but the order you ride to them is up to you … that’s what makes it an adventure!

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