June 11, 2015

GMNGC Twilight League Results 6.4

This week three teams came in four strokes under par. A match of cards (MOC) was used to determine the winner. When multiple teams finish their round with the same score their scorecards will be compared to see who performed better on the hardest rated holes on the golf course (hole #4 at GMNGC).

The winning teams for the June 4th twilight league were:

1st – (won MOC with a birdie on #4) Joe Havelka (Captain), Dave Bennett, Dave La Roache, Joe Lauria, Bob Buttner

2nd – (beat out 3rd with par on #4) Phil Taran (Captain), Chuck Feitner, Walker Grant, Joe Pendergast, Barb Newton

3rd- (Lost MOC with bogie on #4) Kevin “KO” Olaynack, Kevin “K1” Flynn, Chef Claude Blais, Deb Butler, Sheila Finneron


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