Chaffee Downtown holds artist reception for “Metamorphosis” exhibit

Chaffee Downtown holds artist reception for “Metamorphosis” exhibit

By Polly Lynn

This sculpture by Patrick Farrow is an iconic piece in Downtown Rutland’s Depot Park.

Friday, July 17 at 5 p.m. — RUTLAND — The Chaffee Art Center introduces “Metamorphosis: Love of Change” on exhibit from July 10 to Aug. 29. An artists reception will take place on Friday, July 17 from 5 to 7 p.m. at Chaffee Downtown, 75 Merchants Row, Rutland. The exhibit features works of artists Stephen Procter, Patrick Farrow, and Paedra Bramhall. “Metamorphosis: Love of Change” refers to all three artists’ individual changes over the course of their lives. This exhibit also reflects the metamorphosis the Chaffee Art Gallery has undergone to open “The Cube,” the Chaffee Downtown’s new gift shop containing the works of juried artists.

About the artists:

Stephen Procter, a clay sculptor with a studio in Brattleborro, became a full time sculptor after a career which involved fundraising for the arts. His first introduction to clay occurred accidentally when he was picking up his daughter from a pottery class. Approximately one year later, he took a pottery class, and metamorphosed from an individual working for the arts to an artist himself.  As described on his website he was “been fascinated by large vessels— the sense of presence they emanate, the sensuous language of their curves, the way they beckon the viewer to approach and touch.” He works on a potter’s wheel but considers his final pieces sculptural. He begins with an idea of scale and mood and states that “the details of form and decoration arise through an improvisational dance that unfolds over a period of days as the piece finds its way to completion.”

Patrick Farrow was born was born Nov. 27, 1942 in Los Angeles, Calif. to actress Maureen O’Sullivan and writer-director-producer John Villiers Farrow. One of seven children, he grew up in Beverly Hills. Early in life he worked in Hollywood acting in movies and television. He moved to Vermont in 1964, married, had children, and pursued a life of art. He was a devoted sculptor for 42 years, an advocate for peace, and an environmentalist. His metamorphosis from a child growing up in the fast-paced world of Hollywood to an artist living in the serenity of Vermont is shown through his pieces.

Paedra Bramhall is native Vermonter and self-supporting artist since 1970. She was born in a cabin in Bridgewater and still owns the home to this day. She is a graduate of the Cleveland Institute of Art where she studied sculpture. As a trans-woman who honors her birth name – Peter – the metamorphosis of her personal transition is shown through her art. Her works include paintings, glass, digital art, and featured in this exhibit, small bronze sculptures.

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