The Happy Lifestylist

The Happy Lifestylist
August 13, 2015

Should we stop milking almonds?

Little did we know that this fabulous nut had microscopic udders that we could milk, to slurp up the goodness that is almond milk! Kidding aside, the demand for almond milk has grown substantially over the past few years–and doesn’t seem to be stopping anytime…

The Happy Lifestylist
July 1, 2015

The summer sun: to avoid or embrace?

Too much sun can lead to premature aging, painful burns, and, with repeated overexposure, the potential development of cancer. But the sun is also essential for Vitamin D. Like many things in life, striking a balance is the key.

Surprisingly, this is easier said than…

The Happy Lifestylist
April 30, 2015

Fat makes you fat, right? It depends . . .

The ketogenic diet vs. the carb-loaded typical diet

“Fat makes you fat” is a common and logical thought. Interestingly, however, science shows us otherwise. A high-fat ketogenic diet has been shown not only to aid in lasting fat loss, but improve ailments like…

The Happy Lifestylist
April 15, 2015

Edible skincare: affordable and effective

Having endured the ever-so-lovely adult acne in my early 20s, I found that the more I slathered on unpronounceable-chemical-laden creams, lotions, and gels, the more my skin became agitated – angry really, regardless of how expensive the product was. In the matters of skincare,…

The Happy Lifestylist
April 1, 2015

Health: intuitive eating

You’ve heard it before: the “diet mentality” will inevitably lead to perceived failure, guilt, and shame. Fortunately, intuitive eating is not a diet and promotes a healthy relationship with food, our bodies, and our emotions and perception of ourselves.

Intuitive eating is all…

March 19, 2015

Intuitive Eating: The anti-diet, Part I

It’s virtually impossible to scroll through Facebook and Instagram and not come upon hashtagged gym selfies and food photos repping every approach to health—from #paleo to #rawvegan and everything in between. Personally, I have dabbled in essentially every diet, macronutrient ratio, and “lifestyle” out…