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The Movie Diary
March 20, 2019

A mountain of a man

By Dom Cioffi I’ve seen the future of basketball and its name is Zion. Two weeks ago, a guy I work with asked me if I wanted free tickets to…

The Movie Diary
February 14, 2019

What a drag it is getting old

By Dom Cioffi My son’s basketball season officially ended this past Friday night with a loss in the semi-finals. It took no more than 15 minutes from the end of…

The Movie Diary
January 16, 2019

Finding beauty in the struggle

By Dom Cioffi My son has been playing and taking drum lessons for quite some time. This percussion adventure started prior to Christmas a little over two years ago when…

December 5, 2018

One for the ages

By Dom Cioffi On March 24, 1975, in Summit County, Ohio, a heavyweight boxing match was held between Muhammad Ali and a relatively obscure fighter named Chuck Wepner. Wepner was…

The Movie Diary
November 21, 2018

Giving thanks

By Dom Cioffi Thanksgiving has transformed itself over the last several decades. No longer a one-day, solely American holiday, the Thanksgiving “festivities” now span from Wednesday, through the weekend, and…

The Movie Diary
November 13, 2018

You’re a mean one

By Dom Cioffi As a young child, I reveled in picture books. It wasn’t that I loved to read so much as I loved looking at the illustrations. This is…

The Movie Diary
November 9, 2018

Rock and a hard place

By Dom Cioffi The opportunities to sing were plentiful when I was a child. I just never had the guts to stand up and try it. I belonged to a…

The Movie Diary
October 27, 2018

A sweet treat

By Dom Cioffi I remember waking up one morning many years ago to my brothers making an awful commotion about something across the street. They were snickering and giggling under…

The Movie Diary
October 11, 2018

Star light, star bright

By Dom Cioffi Autumn brings many changes to the environment with its unique colors, sounds and scents. For me, the impending fall has always reignited my love of jogging, in…