October 8, 2015

Bill’s LLC on track with original plans, owners down to three

Dear Editor,

As most Killington residents are aware, in 2012 a group of Killington businessmen embarked on a mission to purchase Bill’s Country Store to create a Welcome Center and home for what is now Killington Pico Area Association. Through a combination of private and public funds, the former store front is now a beautiful gateway to Killington Resort.

Recently, the partnership entity that owns the real estate has changed. The remaining owners of the property have opted to purchase the interests of Steve Durkee and Aris Spanos. This transaction was done with no gain to either party and we wish to thank both Aris and Steve for the initial investment in the property, as well as assisting in driving this project to where it is today. Without them, it could not have been done.

As the project continues to move forward, the remaining members of Bill’s LLC are committed to the project as originally designed. While taking longer than we’d originally hoped, our goal is to assist the KPAA in developing the property so they may in turn purchase it from us in the coming year — understanding, this purchase will occur with no gain to the members of Bill’s LLC.

Once again, we wish to express our thanks to both Steve and Aris for their contributions and support.


Chris Karr, Member

Howard Smith, Member

Phil Black, Member

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