January 15, 2015

Another lost dog, found!

Dear Editor,

On Sunday, Jan. 11, I heard the wonderful news that JD the missing dog that was out in the cold for the past 11 days and has survived and been found. This story struck a personal chord with me as I am approaching the three year anniversary of when I lost my own dog in Killington, Zoey the boxer. She was lost for six days but was found. That day I got a call from The Pickle Barrel that they had her and it was Dave Dixon from The Garlic that had found her. I know that wonderful feeling that ran throughout my body: I was happy, sad, excited a multitude of emotions all in one swoop. At the time I wasn’t living in Killington, yet. I was considered a “weekend warrior” (someone that had a rental house and would come up every weekend.) It’s a long drive from New York City just to be able to ski for two days a weekend. 

Each day she was out there was terrifying — as I’m sure Kim (JD owner) can relate to. The feeling of hope and any shred of news or a spotting kept me going. Strangers you never met before went above and beyond just to go out and look for them. It was the buzz around town all week about if anyone had any sightings of JD. People even organized search parties. 

Personally going through something very similar, one thing that struck me, and continues to impress me is meeting so many wonderful people that helped along the way.  Three years later I consider those people who helped me find Zoey, close friends. The Killington community is truly amazing. The way we come together; people getting in their cars or heading out by foot to look for Zoey and JD. 

This is one of the reasons why I moved to Killington; the love, support and amazing community it has to offer. People are selfless, happy and very motivated to help when one is in need. When I found out another dog was lost, it made me remember my experience and appreciate Zoey and hug her a lot longer and harder than I normally would. Life is short and can be sweet but it’s the people who you surround yourself with that make your life amazing animal or human.

Andrea Weymouth, Killington

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