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  • The Outside Story - Apples for wildlife

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    The old saw about "an apple a day" as the way to perfect health may have been overstated, but the apple is a great food and a nutritional bonanza. A medium-sized apple has anywhere from 70 to 125 calories, depending on vari ...

  • The Outside Story: Winter’s Little King

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    The only regal thing about the golden-crowned kinglet is the crest of yellow-orange feathers atop its head. Everything else about this speck of a songbird's appearance and behavior would make any proper monarch frown. It's h ...

  • The Outside Story - Flying Squirrels: North vs. South

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    The calls come in all winter, said Paul DeBow of DeBow Wildlife Service in Plymouth, NH. If there is no snow, the peak will be in January or February, when it's the coldest. Some people think the animals they hear partying i ...

  • In this State: Barns

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    Arthur Rothstein was supposed to be in New Hampshire taking photographs of logging activity for the Historical Section of the Farm Security Administration. But there he was on a cold February day in 1936 in North Hartland, V ...

  • TOS: The Halloween Ladybeetle - Your Uninvited House Guest

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    In the old days, ladybeetles (or ladybugs) used to "flyaway home" to their children, as per the old nursery rhyme. Now one species, the Halloween ladybeetle, is instead flying into our homes in droves, where its bad odor and ...

  • The Outside Story: How do trees survive winter cold?

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    Illustration by Adelaide Tyrol Trees are about half water, maybe a little less in winter. And if the temperature drops low enough, the water in even the most cold-hardy tree will freeze. So how do trees survive below-freez ...

  • The Outside Story: The rut

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    Even if you're not a deer hunter, chances are you've heard of "the rut" - slang for the white-tailed deer's mating season. This event is going on right now, as is deer hunting season, making the rut a cultural event in both ...

  • The Outside Story: The Ghost Tree

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    illustration by Adelaide Tyrol When we bought the old farm two decades ago, the Ghost Tree came with it. He was an old sugar maple with a knothole face, tears in the trunk and branch stubs. He looks like one of the Ents, th ...