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  • Hair

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    What is it with men and our hair as we age? First of all, mine is starting to grow fastest in the places I want it least, like in my nostrils, ears and eyebrows.  Who needs more hair in their ears, anyway?  What p ...

  • Aging in place: Enduring couples

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    One couple had grown up on adjoining farms. The other had met in school when she was in the 3rd grade and he was in the 1st. None ever had any other significant person in their lives; each couple had been together in marriag ...

  • Retiring in a Down Economy

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    We work for 20, 30, even 40 years or more. All the while, there are thoughts about the future. There will come a day when the work stops and we step out from the shadows of timeclocks and deadlines, into the bright sunshine ...

  • Aging in place: LP’S

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    There it was in the bargain bin at one of the big box stores, a record player that plugged into your computer and uploaded your old LP's in digital form.  Well, color me excited for $19.95! There is something I should ...

  • Movin’ On

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    No, I'm not talking about the big ranch house in the sky. In spite of what many of us say, there can come a time when we need to relocate to a more aging-appropriate setting.  When that time comes, here are a few sugges ...

  • Aging in place: life review

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    A fellow over sixty and I were talking recently about how clear our memories are getting to be. Not about the stuff that happened yesterday or why I opened the refrigerator door just now.  No, that seems to be getting m ...

  • Aging in place: Independence

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    Most of us start screaming our individuality as we exit the womb, kicking and gasping our way into the world.  While we may develop a more subtle approach over time, we are likely to continue the battle for self-asserti ...

  • The political season

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    Few things show our age like how we react to politics. To say campaigns are different than they used to be is so profound an understatement as to border on being the beginning of a eulogy. But they are different. First of ...